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Benefits of aluminum products in use

It is only 160 years since the element aluminium was discovered and only 100 years since a viable production process was established, and today more aluminium is produced each year than all other non-ferrous metals combined.

There are only 160 years since the aluminum element was discovered and only 100 years since it was established a viable production, and nowadays is produced annually more aluminum than any other non-ferrous metals put together.

Aluminum is the 3rd element as abundance - including almost 8% of the earth's crust. So why was not discovered earlier? The main reason is that aluminum never appears in the metallic form. Aluminum is found in most rocks, clay, earth and even vegetation combined with oxygen and other elements.

Items that contain aluminum were used by people since ancient times and pottery was made of clay rich in hydraded aluminum silicate. Ancient Middle Eastern civilizations were using aluminum salts for the preparation of dyes and drugs: they are used even nowadays in toothpaste and digestive pills. At a certain moment in history aluminum was a fad so valuable that the rulers and the rich prefer to impress their guests with plates and cutlery made of aluminum rather than gold.


• Using a kilo of aluminum to replace heavier materials in a car or a smaller truck can reduce CO2 emissions by 20 kilos during the vehicle life.
• This figure is even higher if applied to sensitive areas (e.g., up to 80 kilos CO2 emissions are reduced per kilo used in trains).
• The 15 million tons of aluminum used in transportation, cars, buses, trucks, trains and ships can save up to 300 million tons of CO2 and 100 billion litres of crude oil over the life of the vehicle.
• Given that car manufacturers have sought to improve fuel efficiency, aluminum consumption has grown every year in the last 30 years.
• In 1990, average car for passengers contained between 40 and 80 kilos of aluminum, in 2009, the average is between 120 and 150 kilos.
• Although the percentage by weight of a car made of aluminum is less than 10%, it is up to 50% of all materials used.
• Aluminum industry supports the global research university of recycling, weight loss of vehicles and improving the properties of the alloys.


• Packing with aluminum contributes, through its unique combination of properties to an efficient manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, marketing and use of products.
• The aluminum can of beverage is one of the most sustainable packaging available solutions, because it protects the content, is profitable and can be recycled after use again and again.
• In North America and Europe, a can of aluminum is produced, filled, distributed, consumed, collected and recycled in another dose of aluminum within 60 days.
• The aluminum foil is by far the easiest full barrier used in the composition of a package. For example, a cardboard box with an interior layer of aluminum of only a few microns can be 20 times easier, or more, than a regular glass.
• Aluminum packaging is the protection insurance of energy invested in production, growth and processing of food. Also, it provides additional energy needed to bring those foods in our transport, marketing, purchasing, storage and cooking, is not lost.
• 30% of food in developed countries is lost due to lack of packaging. Aluminum has the best properties of conservation to keep food and drinks fresh and safe and to avoid losing, guaranteeing a longer life on the shelf, also contributing to the sustainability of food and drinks.
• Special packaging of pharmaceuticals and other medical products protect and maintain sterile conditions during transportation and storage required until use.
• Aluminum helps reduce the impact of used packaging. Aluminum is lightweight and minimizes the required volume packaging.
• The aluminum can of beverage is the most recycled container in the world and most applications of the aluminum foil are also recyclable.
• Aluminum industry has a long tradition of collecting and recycling used aluminum products.

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