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TVRINFO Alucro -Aluminum cans recycling

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TVRInfo Alucro - Alucro Projects

Moldavian ecological model: bins made from beer cans

Huge aluminum containers, to collect cans of beer or soda, have studded streets of Piatra Neamt. The action aims to encourage recycling, especially that the Romanian people collect only one of three cans of aluminum.

The population of Piatra Neamt has the opportunity to learn in a civilized manner selective recycling lesson, on city`s streets. Most travelled areas were studded, last week, with cans of aluminum - bin type. In the new "street furniture" will be collected the packaging of the beverage cans. The project, put into practice by local authorities, aims at maintaining cleanliness in pedestrian areas, and waste recycling.

Besides can shaped bins will be placed, soon, parallelepiped-shaped bins, where people can throw differentiated paper, plastic and glass waste. The project of selective collection of garbage from the street will be named „Piatra Neamţ – the green city“.


ALUCRO - The first seminar on recycling aluminum cans

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 J.W. MARRIOTT HOTEL, Bucharest

The way forward for the successful collection and recycling of aluminum cans in Romania
- in close cooperation with our partners -



In campaigns that we have developed in schools from sector 4, during the 2008-2009 school year, we distributed educational and informational materials, promotional materials to boost the can collection, we offered prizes. Our children are the most important. We want to offer a safe and bright future. What we teach them in childhood, remains well established in their mind.

On this reason we built this campaign strategy in schools, aimed to inform and educate our children about nature protection, reducing pollution, saving raw materials. All this is gathered in one word: RECYCLING. We started the pilot project in sector 4 and due to very good results (500 kg collected in only 3 months) we want to extend the campaign in other sectors also.


Bulletin of press - RECYCLING FEST

ALUCRO non-profit association organizes on August 28, 29 and 30, 2009, on the beach in Costinesti, between 10.00 – 18.00, the event entitled: RECYCLING FEST



Collection of cans of aluminum, with prizes!

Bucharest, June 29, 2009-On July 18, 2009 Bucharest citizens are invited to selectively collect aluminum cans. EcoAssist and ALUCRO associations, the organizers of the event, awaits all those interested in Parcul Tineretului at the entrance from Sincai high school, between 11.00 A.M.-15.00 P.M. .

Bucharest citizens are invited to keep the aluminum cans after consuming their content and come with at least 25 cans in Parcul Tineretului. This is the minimum necessary amount to join the GREAT REDOSING raffle!


Implementation of the collection of aluminum cans system in Romania

On October 31, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza, European Aluminum Association , part of Polish-American Can-Pack Group launched the promotional campaign "ALU - Anytime, Anywhere Collect the Aluminum Cans!”

The aim of this campaign is to draw people’s attention and to make young urban population realize the fact that aluminum cans can be recycled 100% and that by gathering activities in which we participate we protect our environment and we save significant energy resources and valuable raw materials.

"We probably throw away things that could be reused or recycled every day. We would live in a much cleaner environment and we would have resources for a longer period of time if starting with this moment we would take into account the principle 3Rs: reduce, re-use and recycling the materials.

Recycling one ton of material saves at least 265 USD in electricity, oil, gas and coal. The energy saved by recycling one bottle will keep lit a regular 100W bulb for four hours. A bottle can get new plastic products, from an aluminum can we can obtain a new aluminum can, from a regular glass bottle we can obtain a new bottle, from a piece of paper a new piece of paper.

Recycling reduces the need to build incinerators and warehouses and thus help protect the environment. Recycling saves money and generates economic benefits by stimulating the development of clean technologies. In fact recycling is the process of selective collection of plastic bottles, newspapers and magazines, aluminum cans and regular bottles, and their storage in special containers for this purpose. To contribute to the enhancing of the waste of metal, each person can store separately in his own home the metal. First, they have to be washed from the residuum, if needed.

At the launch it was shown that since 2008, considered as reference year, the European Union imposes us, Romanians to collect wastes separately, and the estimated period of transition is 5 years for the achievement of the global objectives of recycling and recovery, as imposed and the GD. 621/2005 on the management of packaging and packaging wastes.

"In June 2006 it was acquired the first quantity of aluminum cans, 37,826 kg, of which 29,600 kg taken from a firm in Iasi consisting in briquettes. After scanning and sorting the briquettes, it was found that the deduction of 5% achieved a was too small compared to the amount of garbage found in the briquettes.

In July 2006, 24 / 145 kg aluminum cans were collected, of which 16,860 kg taken this time from a company in Timisoara. They did not take agree to any deduction and, after sorting, it was as full of trash and metal.

But we did not lose confidence and thus, in the months that followed, the amount of collected cans began to grow, as follows: in August 2006 there were collected 32,350 kg; in September 2006 there were collected 13,789 kg, in October 2006 there were collected 21,354 kg, in November 2006 there were collected 13,033 kg; in December 2006 there were collected 13,107 kg, in January 2007 there were collected 20,665 kg, in February 2007 there were collected 14,114 kg; in March 2007 there were collected 21,132 kg , in April 2007 there were collected 12,012 kg, in May 2007 there were collected 21,979 kg; in June 2007 there were collected 14,926 kg, in July 2007 there were collected 18,920 kg, in August 2007 there were collected 29,320 kg; in September 2007 there were collected 26,400 kg " said Dragos Doru.

In March 2007 it was established an working point in Bucharest, which was equipped with the necessary equipment: press, electromagnetic separator, an electronic scale.

In the same period it was made the transfer of the scanner from Tecuci to Bucharest, the working point becoming the place where the exports will be made.

Re-smelting the aluminum requires with 5% less energy than the primary production of the metal.

"This metal increases our standard of living and with its’ the help, a wide variety of products are available to us. Used for packing food, this can be transported in large quantities over long distances. The ore from which aluminum is obtained is bauxite and the actual reserves of bauxite are sufficient for another 400 years, " also said Dragos Doru.

Who we are?

is a non-profit association founded in 2008 by:


What we do ?


Awareness and education of a larger segment of the population regarding the collection and recycling of aluminum cans.

The Alucro Strategy

Our activity is oriented in three directions:






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