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Collection of cans of aluminum, with prizes!

Bucharest, June 29, 2009-On July 18, 2009 Bucharest citizens are invited to selectively collect aluminum cans. EcoAssist and ALUCRO associations, the organizers of the event, awaits all those interested in Parcul Tineretului at the entrance from Sincai high school, between 11.00 A.M.-15.00 P.M. .

Bucharest citizens are invited to keep the aluminum cans after consuming their content and come with at least 25 cans in Parcul Tineretului. This is the minimum necessary amount to join the GRAND RE-DOSAGE raffle!

GRAND RE-DOSAGE is the first in a series of events, prepared for 2009, made by EcoAssist and ALUCRO. Sponsors: CanPack Romania, EAA - European Aluminum Association. Development partners are: Green-Report, InfoMediu and LumeBuna.ro.

GRAND RE-DOSAGE aims to inform and raise citizens' awareness regarding efficient use of natural resources, aluminum being 100% recyclable. Through the initiativE of the organizers it is wish to protect the environment, saving resources and energy in our benefit and future generations.

WARNING! Doses marked with ALU are the only aluminum doses. Canned fish, pate, soup, corn, peas, etc. (marked ACC, FE) are not made of aluminum and will not be permitted at this event!


1. Raffle organizers

The organizers of the GRAND RE-DOSING raffle are:

EcoAssist association Romanian legal entity of private law, with headquarters in Bucharest, St. Gaetano Donizetti, No. 15, Sector 2, with 23094560 fiscal registration code, serial number Special Register 1/30.01.2009

2. Participants

At THE GRAND RE-DOSING raffle may attend any individual, Romanian or foreign, with minimum age of 18, that put in the GRAND RE-DOSING urn the registration coupon of the raffle on the 18th July 2009 between the hours 11:00 A.M. - 15:00 P.M..

You can find the urn at the stand of the organizers in Parcul Tineretului at the entrance from Gheorghe Sincai Boulevard

The campaign is open to all individuals with domicile / residence in Romania, except for employees of companies CANPACK ROMANIA, AND ALUCRO and ECOASSIST ASSOCIATIONS (Organizers), for the advertising agencies involved in this campaign and for all their families (children, parents, husband / wife)

3. Duration

Filing Certificate of participation at the raffle into the urns(completed), is on the 18th July 2009, between the hours 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the booth of the organizers, located in Parcul Tineretului, in Bucharest.

4. Awards

Awards are:

- First prize - a video camera

- Second prize - a car navigation system

- Third prize - a box car cooler full of beer and canned juices

- Immediately awards, without extraction, at the delivery of cans:

- 50 cans - a pen (up to 50 pens)
- 75 cans - 1 cap (up to 15 caps)
- 100 cans - 1 t-shirt (up to 10 t-shirts)
- 125 cans - 1 backpack (up to five backpacks)

5. Participation method

TSubscribing to the GRAND RE-DOSING draw is based on bringing to the stands of the organizers of at least 25 aluminum cans (compacted) and of the registration cupon, completed with identification datas.

Coupons can be found on flyers distributed by the organizers in the period before the campain and onsite at the stand of the organizers.

6. Communication of the winner and taking possession of the prize

At 3:30 p.m a representative of the organizers will draw the winning coupons from the urn. The person whose name is on the coupon will be officially announced on the spot and will be expected to present a valid ID to get his/her prize. Handing of the prize will be based on a report.

If the Grand Prize winner is under the age of 14 years, it requires the presence of parents or an adult for taking the prize.

7. The protection of personal data

AIn accordance with Law no. 677 / 2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free movement of such data, personally identifiable information of the paticipants will be collected and processed by the organizers according to the law. Information will only be used by organizers to promote their products and services and for marketing purposes, planning, product development and market research. If participants do not request in writing otherwise, they agree to collect and use personal information by the organizers in the manner set out in the previous paragraph. Participants may withdraw at any time their consent to use their personal datas or to receive any information or correspondence, through an application shall be in writing sent to the organizer.

Participation in this raffle implies the accept of the participants as name, contact details and their image to be made public and used for publicity purposes by the organizer in various materials, with no other compensation from the organizer, and their acceptance of the media event.

8. Responsibility of the organizers

The organizer assumes no liability for insufficient or illegible filled coupons, they are considered void. If the coupon filling has been wrong, it can be replaced with a new coupon on condition of return cancellation of the one wrong completely. Participation in the raffle involve mandatory .

The organizer does not assume any responsibility deriving from litigation of any kind related to winning or losing the ownership coupons. The organizers can not be involved in such disputes and does not assume any obligation to hold any correspondence with participants.

This regulation is a set of minimum conditions that the participants in the campaign must meet to be considered eligible. Participants in this event are committed to follow the rules of this regulation by filling in and submitting the coupon at the raffle.

Also, by completing the coupon, participants say they are aware of the contents of this regulation and agree with it.

Who we are?

is a non-profit association founded in 2008 by:


What we do ?


Awareness and education of a larger segment of the population regarding the collection and recycling of aluminum cans.

The Alucro Strategy

Our activity is oriented in three directions:






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