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Recycling of aluminium cans

Go to www.everycancounts.ro and find out what you can do with aluminium cans.

Did you know that..?

Aluminium cans are the most recycled packaging in the world - a recycled can gets back on the shelf in about 60 days.

Did you know that..?

A TV can run for 3 hours, and a 100 W lamp can run for 20 hours with energy saved by recycling a single aluminium can.

Did you know that..?

Aluminium is the third metal present in nature, from the point of view of abundance.

Did you know that..?

Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without losing its properties, unlike other recyclable materials (plastic, paper or glass).


GreenTalk în cadrul Auchan România

Andreea-Lapadatu | February 14, 2020

Iniţiativa noastră de a vorbi cu angajaţii companiilor despre ce înseamnă comportamentul responsabil faţă de mediu a ajuns şi în Auchan România în luna februarie 2020. Împreună cu ambasadorul programului Every Can Counts, profesorul Alexandru Mironov, şi reprezentanţi ai GreenPoint…..

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